Thursday, November 17, 2011


11 things about me

::the name is ; dah terang x payah bersuluh dah .

::family nickname Kak Chik sbb middle from 5 sibs 

::currently in 2nd Sem in UiTM,taking business

::i would say i am a temper person and talkative..hahah

::i love tough things like roller coaster and bungee jumping

::2011618666,the matrix number . cute kan??heheh

::love perfume sooo muchh..blame my papa for that

::i have a scar on my right hand since 13 years ago bcause of my carelessness

::i dont have a favourite colour

::i dont like to bring my phone and purse..i dont know why also

::i love youuu...heheheh

Since dah ditagged oleh my lovely chomell,iqa , so i jawab jugak ler soalan2 panas nih..hah gitu apasal banyak sangat nih.kenapa x cukupkan 40 macam jawab paper sejarah..ahaks..

1) Where is your cell phone?
::my cell phone currently on my desk.i hate to bring it everywhere with me sbb x penting =D

2) Relationship?
::single and ready to mingle..hah gitu kau jah..x delah skrg nak focus study lah.kalau ada rezeki ada lah kannnnnn <3
3) Work?
::pernah kerja kat opis papa..skrg menganggur sementara masuk sem balik..uikss

4) Your favorite thing?
::what kinda of thing?emmmmm..probably my watch and perfume..adore them..

5) Your dream last night?
::omg..i can never tell u sbb mudah lupa tp the night before i dreamt jalan atas jambatan terengganu sesak sangat..ntah pape jer..nak suruh duk rumah lahtu

6) Your fears?
::losing people i love most

7) Who did you hang out with last weekend?
::last weekend?my family lerrr..i can family person..(riak)

8) What are you not good at?
::most stuff..hal ehwal rumahtangga kot..,kadang2 rasa macam pandai tapi Malas

9) One of your wish list items?
::berjaya dunia akhirat..Aminnn

10) Last thing you did?
::before typing this??tukar pad...hahhaha sebab period..betul jujur aku hari ni kann

11) Your life?
::i would say its perfect !
12) Missing?
::my mom..she went to JB..esk baru smpai..

13) What are you thinking about right now?
::a guy..wakakakka..really do

14) Last time you laughed?
::a second back

15) Love?
::i love everything god give to me..past,present,future

16) So who wants to share their ONEs?? How about?
::yang ni senak otak pikir sebab x paham..sorry dude =)

17)5 orang jejaka terpilih...:
::my tokki
::my father
::dr mahathir mohammad
::khairul fahmi che mat aka apex
::K (tettttt)

here are the 11 questions for you dear iqa .

[1]who dont deserve you ?

[2]which actor/actress you hate most ? why ?

[3]what u want for your upcoming birthday ?

[4]what makes you feel bad ?

[5]one thing u would want to change in your life ?

[6]your best moment ?

[7]what you want in life ?

[8] in 10 years time,who are you?

[9]who is your current secret admire ? ;)

[10]what is your goal for this sem ?

[11]who am i to you ?

*jujur okayyyyyy..phewitt..all the very best..moga2 dapa 4 flat..hahah 

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