Friday, November 25, 2011


Semester baru dah mula.student pun bertambah.cerita panas pun bkn nak citer pasai depa semua.cheq nak kongsi (lu langsi lu mati) pasai life cheq.ehjoy noooo.. lovely cousin Aril..the name is Muhammad Zahiril Aziff . not sure about the spelling . but i gave him the name .age,lupa lar..less than a year lagi..healthy baby

2.Nik Muhammad Rayhan .just around 3 weeks ago..cute sangat..he is my cousin's as well actually..

3.a little gift from aisyah after coming back from bandung.reminds me of my school time where they said i look like POOH..really ??

4.cold rainy weather in Terengganu.monsoon cup is now happening at Pulau duyong

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